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post doctoral studies

hbis post doctoral study station admission information

following the scientific & technological r&d concepts, hbis has concentrated its efforts in developing its r&d infrastructure by establishing and optimizing its facilities and corresponding teams. a efficient, open and multipurpose international platform has been in operation and has signed cooperation agreements with more than ten international and domestic renowned universities and institutions to have joint studies including new procedures & new technologies, technology applications, hr exchanges & training, project application, and laboratory joint ventures, all have contributed to a improving hbis r&d capability. hbis has won the funding of over 13 international scientific & technological cooperation and national level r&d projects, 15 national 863 plan projects, over 20 national 973 plan projects and more than one hundred provincial technology projects. the group has received 10 national science & technology award titles, over 300 ministerial & provincial level awards and owned 4323 intellectual property right titles.
the hbis post doctoral study station was incorporated in 2010, which was authorized by ministry of human resources and social security. the address of station is no.385, tiyu south street, shijiazhuang, hebei province.
we are now facing the public to look for post doctoral study candidates. welcome the talented to join our team.

applying conditions

· applicants with excellent political and ethical characters and law and discipline abiding.
· with a doctor’s degree that certified by the country, or getting a doctor’s degree soon (upon proof provided by the institute, and getting the degree before joining in). applicants should be in high moral and academic records, with proper health condition and under age of 40. top talented could be exceptional.
· the graduate, master and doctors should be university entrance examination attendee and entered full time universities for education, with corresponding or similar specializations.
· applicants should have high scientific research and team work abilities and will be able cope with post doctoral studies.
· applicants with working experiences on steel production facilities or in steel industry preferred.

key study direction

metallurgy engineering material and engineering it energy & environment mining technologies others

1、high quality, low cost, long life expectation, environmental friendly comprehensive blast furnace iron making technologies
2、green production technologies of high efficiency, low cost and intelligent clean steel
3、high efficiency, high precision and ecological rolling and heating treatment technologies
4、low cost, low emission, low cost, high efficiency and high profit green technologies and applications
5、development and optimization of full procedure steel production

1、transportation steel development and application
2、shipping and ocean engineering steel development and application
3、energy steel development and application
4、construction steel development and application
5、engineering equipment steel development and application
6、high quality special purpose steel development and application
7、the comprehensive application of vanadium & titanium resources and development of high end vanadium products
8、new material (high temperature mold material, high strength abrasion resistance material and anti-corrosion material) development and application

1、research and system development of intelligent steel production technologies
2、research and system development of full process quality monitor technologies
3、research and application of modern cloud data and calculation, internet and mobile communication technologies

1、steel mill waste material recycling researches
2、industrial gas, noble gases and special gas production technologies
3、solid waste material, including slags and metallurgy dust slime, treatment technologies
4、industrial and urban waste water treatment technologies

1、the re-mining and refill technologies of ultra high capacity underground mining production
2、open pit high bench safe protection technologies
3、high efficiency technologies of conversion from open pit to underground production
4、fe upgrading and lowing impurity technologies of concentrate production
5、intelligent automation management and control technologies of beneficiation process
6、comprehensive application of iron ore mining solid waste material and environmental protection technologies


number of scholars

per annual 2-3

application documents

we are always ready to receive applications with following documents:
1、hesteel post doctoral study application firm (appendix).
2、project study plan, 3000-5000 words, one or two projects per applicant. the study plan should cover: research direction, project title and summery, description of project and key issues, innovation and research methods, expectations and other issues.
3、id, doctor’s graduate and doctoral degree scanned copies, the graduating doctoral candidates should provide necessary documents (phd thesis and defense committee resolution).
4、recommendation letters from two doctoral supervisors.
only electronic application documents are acceptable. the subject of emails should be “**university ** student applying for post doctoral study”. the review and personnel selection will be open and fair. after the preliminary review, the station will invite preferred candidates to attend an interview.
sincere promise: we will be open, equal and fair in the application and recruiting process. the application documents are only for the purposes of recruiting valuation. we will respect the privacy of all applicants and keep the documents strictly confidential.


we will obey the law and regulations and the hesteel post doctoral study station management scheme and provide salaries and research funds and allowances to the scholars. employment agreements will be signed.

contact information

contact unit contacts contact information
technology innovation technology innovation 0311-66508820,


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