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customer service

overall positioning

committed to improving customer service experience, based on the ‘customer service platform’, to provide our customers with professional, fast, efficient and independent service mode and diversified demand feedback channels, so that our customers can enjoy the quality service of hbis at anytime and anywhere.

work idea

  • service:
    take customer satisfaction as the service guideline.
  • innovation:
    innovate service model to improve customer experience.
  • efficient:
    respond to customers' demands quickly and with high quality.
  • sharing:
    promote mutual integration and industry chain synergy.


service center hotline address post code customer service
hbis group customer service centre 4006-010-666 no. 385, sports south avenue, shijiazhuang, hebei, prc. 050023
hbis group tangsteel customer service centre 0315-5810236 no.14 steel factory road, lubei district, tangshan, hebei, prc 063016
hbis group hansteel customer service centre 0310-2086666 no. 232 fuxing road, fuxing district, handan, hebei, prc 056013
hbis group zhangxuan tech customer service centre 0313-8674379 no.37 victory road, xuanhua district, zhangjiakou, hebei, prc 075100
chengde vanadium titanium customer service centre 400-188-8286 no.19 steel city road, shuangluan disctrict, chengde, hebei,prc 067002
hbis group wusteel customer service centre 0375-8118699 hubin avenue west, wugang, henan, prc 462500
hbis group shisteel customer service centre 0311-86913886 no.92 jiafeng road, jingxing mining district, shijiazhuang, hebei, prc 050031
hbis group hengstrip packaging customer service centre 0318-2133659 no. 29 yuhua west street, taocheng district, hengshui, hebei, prc 053000
hbis group dahe metal customer service centre 15689906991 no. 107 qianwan port street, huangdao district, qingdao, shandong, prc 266510