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product and service

material plan

materials for automotive applications

hbis is china's second largest supplier of automotive steel, developed 17 series of hot-rolled, pickled, annealed, coated plates for the manufacture of body-in-white and chassis, box and other steel products, and 6 series of bars for gears, bearings and other manufacturing products, to achieve the automotive steel "car-made". always adhere to the same direction with the user, hand in hand with more than 40 car companies and supporting plant cooperation. following the development trend of "replacing aluminum with steel", the company has created a full range of ultra-high-strength steel grades, leading the iterative upgrading of automotive materials for domestic brands. the company promotes cross-field cooperation between the steel and automobile industries to reduce carbon emissions, develops low-carbon and green automotive steel materials and completes relevant certifications, and creates a model of cooperation between the industrial chain for "deep integration and green development".

high-end materials for the home

hbis builds first-class materials for household appliances, and as the largest supplier of steel for household appliances, realizes the "full coverage" of the world's famous household appliance brands. hbis continuously improves the design and production process of coated sheet, creates fashionable appearance of home appliances, promotes product upgrading and gives the steel sheet antibacterial, fingerprint-resistant and abrasion-resistant characteristics according to the use of home appliances and the usage environment to satisfy the best experience of the users, and has become the leader of the global coated sheet industry.

green energy materials

hbis helps cities and society to reduce carbon in a synergistic manner and promotes the production and application of steel for green, focusing on the development and production of hydrogen storage steel, photovoltaic steel, high-end wind power steel, high strength hydropower steel, low temperature steel for nuclear fusion devices, nuclear power steel, etc.

petrochemical equipment materials

hbis high-end steel for petrochemical equipment is a "single champion" product in the industry, providing high-quality materials for the whole process of petrochemical extraction, refining, transportation and storage. these products include oil and gas well casing steel, chromium-molybdenum steel, high-level pipeline steel, ni-series low-temperature pressure vessel steel and high manganese steel, etc., which are widely used in the manufacture of equipment and components in the petroleum, chemical and other industries.

engineering machinery materials

hbis construction machinery materials are widely used in the fields of construction machinery, mining, agricultural machinery and specialized vehicle manufacturing. the development of wear-resistant steel series products to replace imports, can realize the construction machinery vehicle weight reduction of 17 ~ 40%, service life increased by 2 ~ 3 times; high-strength steel for construction machinery with good straightness, welding performance and fatigue performance characteristics, to reach the international leading level, suitable for complex molding, used in extra-large automobile cranes, concrete pumps, such as the extension arm; 1300mpa roll-pressing square tube steel domestic debut, formed a series of key production process core technology of high strength steel for square pipe. mining high-strength round chain steel 23mnnimocr54 realized the first domestic debut.

ocean engineering materials

hbis has the ability to supply steel plates of various grades from a420 to f690 of six classification societies, including ccs, abs, dnv-gl, bv and lr, with special properties such as high strength, fatigue resistance and resistance to laminar tearing, as well as the advantages of large specifications, ease of welding, corrosion resistance and so on. the products are widely used in the field of equipment for offshore platforms, ships, cross-sea bridges, submarine pipelines and other equipment with harsh service environments and long service cycles.

vanadium and titanium materials

hbis focuses on the deep integration of vanadium and titanium new materials industry with aerospace, green power storage, energy saving and environmental protection and other strategic emerging industries, promotes the extension of the industrial chain, and strives to build the most competitive vanadium and titanium materials innovation base in the world. the electrolyte for vanadium batteries developed by the company has passed the comprehensive evaluation of the world's top vanadium battery producers; 99.5% high-purity vanadium oxide products are the "singles champions" and are sold to more than 30 countries in europe and the united states, and are used in the preparation of aviation-grade vanadium-aluminum alloys and vanadium catalysts; the aviation-grade vanadium flake has set up a whole-process 41 quality system control to realize the stable production of aviation-grade vanadium oxide; the construction of a new material base of vanadium and titanium in the aerospace industry is underway. the aerospace grade vanadium flake has established 41 quality system controls in the whole process, realizing the stable production of aerospace grade vanadium oxide; the construction of new titanium alloy material production line can be extended to the development and utilization of titanium concentrates, and then to the powder metallurgy titanium alloy parts and 3d printing titanium alloy precision parts, so as to build a complete titanium product industry chain.

specialty materials

hbis around the high-quality special wire, nickel-based high-temperature corrosion-resistant alloys, high-end mold materials, forming more than thirty grades of special materials product system, the product's comprehensive performance indicators of the domestic leading, a number of products to fill the gaps in the country.

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