hbis premium heavy plates to build world’s largest type b lng fuel tanks-pg电子试玩入口


china shipbuilding industry company dalian has successfully delivered its 13,000 cubic meter type b lng fuel tank, world’s largest fuel tank of this type, in which, hbis wusteel provided 5000tons of heavy plates to build the tanks.

hbis has been improving its product structures and client structures and, paid more attention to the local market, more attention to market segments, more attention to new industries and new business markets, more attention to personalized and niche markets, focusing on new businesses and key project and providing material solutions to assist create high-quality projects.

hbis wusteel successfully implements hbis strategies and continue to strengthen its brands, product series, r&d capabilities and high end markets. they work closely with their clients to develop high tech and high value added heavy plates to meet personalized demands. for this lng fuel tank project, hbis wusteel is dedicated to provide a new generation of green and environmental friendly material. facing strict demands, the teams specifically designed procedures. in production, the company focused on quality control, procedure optimization and final products met all welding and toughness requirements. the delivery time was also shorter than plans.

the positive feedback from the client is the plates met all low temperature processing requirements.

the type b lng fuel tank with a volume of 13,000cubic meters is one of core equipment of lng dual fuel 16,000teu, dalian company built for mediterranean shipping, in with each ship owns one independent type b fuel tank. the latest delivery was the first type b delivery of this series and the ships will be a world leading new generation container ships that meet the latest imo environment protection protocols.