first in china!hbis develops high thickness beam steel for automobiles-pg电子试玩入口


february 25, 200tons of high thickness 14mm and 16mm, type 700bl beam steel from hbis tangsteel were processed by a major domestic car maker, all test readings and index meet client requirements. the products will be protection parts of trucks and tow trucks. first in the country, the designated steel was specifically developed for the client.

type 700bl with thickness over 14mm could bear even bigger loads and own better stability and fatigue resistance to withstand long time rain and open air erosion. the materials could withstand bumpy road and be used to manufacture special utility vehicles, bridges and construction projects. due to high thickness and difficulties in formation control in production, once, domestic clients have been relying on imported materials.

hbis tangsteel has been improving product structure and client structures. the teams engage clients and clients to identify potential demands and develop high end products, with the assistance of hbis r&d capabilities. to meet high demands of high thickness beam steel, tangsteel r&d teams adopted optimized cooling model to monitor and control the temperatures in the middle of the coils to ensure the stable formation of the strips. they refined the production management in rolling procedures to improve the tensile strength and yielding strength while minimize the consumption of high value alloys and minimize production costs. the actual costs and profitability of the new product also are leading in the industry.