hbis held 2023 science & technology innovation conference-pg电子试玩入口


november 30, hbis held its 2023 science & technology innovation conference and hbis group chairman, mr.yu yong made a speech and emphasized to fully implement chairman xi jinping’s requirements of science & technology innovation. we should fully understand the importance of science and technology innovation and technology development and strategic value. focus on market and clients to turn science and technology resources to competitive products.

hbis president wang lanyu held the meeting and gave instructions to implement the requirements. hbis executives li bingjun, wang yaobin, hu zhigang, li yiren, dong shidang and huang yongjian also attended the meeting.

on behalf of hbis, yu yong congratulated the units and employees that won titles of the year and thanked for the great efforts they had made. he said that the technological upgrade had entered a new phase and the r&d teams should focus on promotion of production and business operations and optimize their product structures and client structures. with their dedication, focus and responsibilities, they could make extraordinary achievements. facts will show that the progress of technologies could give strong supports to the upgrade of the group and promote the influence hbis brands.

yu yong emphasized people should fully understand the important value of innovations and technology progresses. facing market and clients, they were giving supports to further development of the group. they could take full advantages of hbis resources and improve the abilities of resource allocations to enhance the competitiveness. they should use science and technologies to find solutions to difficulties and give incentives to teams to innovate. we should respect knowledge, respect technologies, respect employees and strengthen our training to all teams.

yu yong emphasized, over the past years, hbis had been firmly implementing the decisions of hebei provincial government and taking its historic responsibilities and experiencing extraordinary progresses. going forward, hbis teams have always been confident and keeping their spirits high. in new phase, we should have confident in ourselves and explore opportunities and make a better future for the group.

in warm applause, yu yong presented cups, certificates of hbis extraordinary science & technology talent awards and extraordinary technician awards and excellent innovation & contribution team awards to winners. wang lanyu presented cups and certificates of hbis excellent science & technology talent awards, excellent yong talent awards, excellent technician aards and excellent creation team awards to winners. before the conference, yu yong and wang lanyu met the winners and took photos with all winners.

wang lanyu emphasized that we should fully understand the comprehensive technological upgrade strategy and push the innovation and upgrade efforts forward. technology upgrade is essential to cost cut and higher sales prices in the market. in every production line, every item of product, we could find room for upgrade and lead to higher profits. high end intelligent and green technologies could lead to new breakthrough and make the group more competitive and more profitable and make more contributions to hebei province.

in the meeting, li bingjun announced the decisions of recognition of leading s&t innovation teams and employees. hbis vice president li yiren, presented the hbis science & technology innovation report. hbis chief scientist, representative of high efficiency & intelligent clean steel making innovation team li shuangjiang, representative hbis serbia energy conservation & emission reduction r&d project team vladan mihailovic, representative of extraordinary s&t talents xia mingsheng, representative of extraordinary technicians qin xuebin made their speeches.

hbis chief scientist, hbis chief supervisor, executives of all departments in headquarter, board members of subsidiaries, technology center, plant managers,experts, representative of technology r&d teams, representatives of new graduates and representative of hbis overseas companies also attended the conference.