hbis dith publishes carbon reduction road map-pg电子试玩入口


hbis dith has officially published its carbon reduction road map, giving clear goals and paths of carbon reduction efforts, which is an important implement to hbis green and low carbon development strategic.

hbis dith is a global leader of material trading, product distribution and processing in world steel industry. since 2021, hbis dith has been publishing its sustainable development reports annually, giving its co2 emission data. it also works with world leading testing and certification organizations to precisely calculate co2 emission volumes to design categorical meatures, and setup reduction goals.

in trading, distribution and processing sector, hbis dith has been promoting its e-parker experiences in south america to invest in solar power industry to cut consumption to fossil fuel to meet its goal of 2026, to reduce the emission by 32%. with renewable resources, it plans to fully cover its power consumption; by 2030, its trading, distribution and processing sector will be reducing emission over 70%.

in its industry sector ( dith makstil in north macedonia and dith dsp in south africa), dith will invest in energy management and process upgrade projects to cut 9% of its co2 emission by 2026. because 74% of dith emissions come from third party energy suppliers, dith works closely with its suppliers to build its own wind power capabilities to improve its low carbon power generation. systematically, the industry sector of dith will reduce 80% of its emission by 2030.