two hbis subsidiaries win 2023 national intelligent manufacturing showpiece factory & excellent scenery of ministry of industry and information technology-pg电子试玩入口


china ministry of industry and information technology has released winners of 2023 national intelligent manufacturing showpiece factories and excellent scenery. hbis hansteel nengjia steel intelligent manufacturing showpiece plant and chengde vanadium & titanium new material company and its online monitoring intelligent manufacturing project won the titles.

since hbis implemented its intelligent upgrade projects, with the goal of “low cost, high quality and high profit”, following the road map of “information technology, modelling and intelligent”, the project teams have integrated latest information technologies to procedures, operations and executive managements. the teams have learned from the successes of each project and promote the integration of technologies and steel industry. intelligent factories with capabilities of perception, swift feedback, intelligent decision making, comprehensive coordination and dynamic optimization have been successfully constructed that meet high end, personalized and designated demands.

over the years, four factories and six scenarios from hbis tangsteel, hansteel, chengde vanadium & titanium company, hbis mining and shisteel won the titles of miit. some projects of key digital technologies and integrated solutions with independent ip rights of the group have earned their positions in recommendation lists of intelligent manufacturing solutions of china iron & steel association. hbis projects have been recognized by more state ministries and industrial associations. by leading the development of intelligent manufacturing technologies in steel industry, the projects are enhancing the high quality growth of the group and giving hbis intelligence to the digital development of chinese steel industry.