yu yong received worldsteel chairman excellence award-pg电子试玩入口


october 16,the 57th world steel association(“wordsteel”)annual conference were held in shanghai and the conference presented its designated worldsteel chairman excellence award to hbis chairman yu yong for his excellent contribution in his twin terms, 41st and 42nd , as chairman of worldsteel between 2019 to 2021, leading world steel industry, beating all the difficulties and challenges,and promoting the development of the global steel industry. worldsteel chairman, posco chairman mr. jeong-woo choi, worldsteel director general mr. edwin basson presented the medal to mr. yu yong. hbis vice president li yiren attended the ceremony and worldsteel deputy director general, chief representative of worldsteel beijing office zhong shaoliang hosted the ceremony.

october 17, 2018, mr.yu yong was elected to be one of directors of the association and october 15, 2019, yu yong became the 41st chairman. june 1, 2020, worldsteel executive committee members unanimously agree that, yu yong won his second term of chairman of the association. he earnestly performs his duties as worldsteel chairman, is committed to promoting industry exchanges and cooperation, strengthening industry development and innovation, working together to provide the society with more environmentally friendly and smarter steel materials, and promote the sustainable development of the world steel industry. during his tenure, worldsteel published a position paper on climate change and steel production, underlining the steel industry's full support for the climate goals set out in the paris agreement. worldsteel and the international energy agency have jointly launched a steel technology roadmap to build a more environmentally friendly and sustainable steel industry by exploring different paths to implementation.