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october 9, world steel association announced the shortlist of its 14th steelie awards and hbis project of unique coke oven gas zero-reforming dri process combined with eaf won the excellence in low steel carbon title.

hbis has been developing hydrogen steel technologies and the applications in the green reform of steel industry. the project of unique coke oven gas zero-reforming dri process combined with eaf is the world’s first industrial application of this technologies that could take full advantages of resources of low cost coke oven gas in steel industry. there is 60% hydrogen in coke oven gas and after reforming, h2:co could reach 8:1, the closest level to pure hydrogen direct reduction in industrial production. hbis world’s first 1.2million ton hydrogen steel making pilot plant has been in stable operation and its eaf process has significantly reduced the carbon emission compare to traditional bf-convert process. the pilot plant provides a success case to chinese steel industry in its reform from long process to short process production and could help to further explore hydrogen dri technologies and their industrial applications.

steelie awards are dedicated to member companies that made extraordinary progresses and influences in steel industry in previous years. this year, the steelie awards were given in 6 categories and, subsequently, excellence in low steel carbon awards were for improving energy & co2 efficiency in production, lowing carbon emission, coordinate efforts with partners, breakthrough technologies and their applications, maximize applications of crap steel, applications of renewable energy technologies.