hbis become one of leading enterprises in carbon peaking efforts of chinese industry-pg电子试玩入口


december 29, 2022, the 3rd belt & road manufacturing powerhouse and coordinated development and 2022 chinese industry carbon peaking form was held in hainan province. with the successes in green manufacturing, reform & upgrade, hydrogen energy and green steel supply chain, hbis becomes one of the leading enterprises in carbon peaking efforts of chinese industry.

hbis has been firmly implementing new development concepts, by taking social responsibilities, has been pursuing a green, low carbon and sustainable development and making steady progress. first in steel industry, hbis launched its low carbon & green development action plan and low carbon technology road map to meet green goals, a 10% lower carbon emission 2025 and 30% lower emission in 2030, and achieving carbon neutralization in 2050. hbis 1.2million-ton hydrogen steel making pilot plant is in business operation, exploring a new way for steel industry escaping is reliance on traditional fossil energy. with this project, hbis leads the upgrade of steel making technologies and will open a new era of green and low carbon in steel industry. for the green and low carbon development in full steel industrial chain and full process coordinated development, hbis and bmw group signed a memorandum of cooperation on building green & low carbon steel iron supply chain to build a deep level and green development showpiece cooperation. hbis optimizes industrial layout, accelerating the location adjustment and transformation and upgrading of subsidiaries, vigorously reforming the process structure, and improving the level of green production, have written a profound and brilliant note in the history of china's iron and steel industry. in hydrogen energy industry, hbis is expanding its size, concentration and upgrading its technologies in hydrogen generation, stocking, transportation, fueling, and hydrogen applications. hbis is successfully operating the country’s first commercial hydrogen powered heavy load truck fleet, building a new model of industrial transportation and green cycling. it is a new strategic engine for hebei economy and leading pilot project of china.

the competition for leading enterprises in carbon peaking in chinese industry is held by china federation industrial economics (cfie). with the support of ndrc, miit, sassac, mee and nea, this the first competition held by cfie, promoting leading green and low carbon projects and experiences, also providing consultations to ministries in their efforts of green and low carbon development. in the country, cfie invited 280 leading and key enterprise to participate and after 3 rounds of selection and defence, 42 chinese enterprises won the title.