hbis project winning national high quality project gold medal and be the industry only one-pg电子试玩入口


january 7, china association of construction enterprise management published the first winner projects of 2022-2023 national high quality project gold medals on its official site and hbis tangsteel new plant project wins a gold medal, only winner in steel industry. the award is the highest national level award authorized by state council to promote construction engineering project in different industry and specializations.

hbis has been implementing and pursuing an innovative, green and high quality development to improves its geographic allocations of its facilities and aims at top levels of chinese steel industry and world steel industry. armed by new development concepts, hbis builds a state of the hbis tangsteel to a world-class modern coastal steel base and  at the same time strongly promoted the pace of transformation and upgrading of china's steel industry.

on the coast of bohai sea, hbis tangsteel is building a green, intelligent, branding new complex armed with most advanced information and digital technologies. the digital factories include a world’s first intelligent & unmanned stock yard, high pellet ratio iron making & automatic converter procedures and technologies. in total, the new project utilizes more than 130 items of green, low carbon technologies, contributing to high tech equipment, optimized product structures and energy conservative products. since the commencement of production,the new plant has made to its designed capacities and operates smoothly with far better performance reading than estimate. the new plant is one of leading steel mills in the world with new technologies, innovation, new products, intelligent manufacturing and green development. the new plant will also play a significant role in promoting  transformation and upgrading of chinese steel industry and lead  development of world class mass steel production facilities.