hbis hydrogen metallurgy technology obtaining national patent of invention-pg电子试玩入口


february 2, the china national intellectual property administration published that led by hbis and joint applied by zhangxuan tech , northeast university, the full oxygen and rich hydrogen low carbon reduction smelting iron making system and technology received a national patent of invention.    

the world’s first 1.2million-ton hydrogen metallurgy pilot project of hbis applies the world’s most advanced hydrogen generation and hydrogen reduction technologies by utilizing coke oven gas as reduction gas and the application of these technologies. with the technology, chinese steel industry revolutionizes the hydrogen metallurgy from the conventional carbon metallurgy and leads to a green and low carbon steel industry.

the invention patent of full oxygen and rich hydrogen low carbon reduction smelting iron making system and technology is a material development of hydrogen metallurgy that could significantly reduction the consumption of carbon and the emission of co2. together with proper furnaces and procedures, the metallization ratio in indirect reduction section could be 85%-95%, greatly reducing the carbon consumption. the full oxygen environment could consume all the fuel gas generated in the reduction procedures and lead to a lower co2 emission level by 40%.