hbis executives meet becker ceo martino francois david-pg电子试玩入口


march 15, hbis cpc and group chairman yu yong met ceo of becker group martino francois david and discussed to the green development of steel industry and agreed to strengthen their communications. hbis vice president li yiren and becker procurement supervisor andreas schulz also attended the meeting.  

yu yong said when the whole world was reducing the carbon consumption, the world steel industry was also heading to a green and low carbon future. green steel industry is a concept, a responsibility that need actions. first in the world, hbis has been implementing the 1.2million-ton hydrogen steel making pilot project and making hbis shisteel a showpiece of short process steel making project together with bmw. in general, the chinese steel industry is moving fast and steady in the green development. leading the world, it will be no.1 supplier of green materials. besides traditional cooperation, hbis wishes to strengthen its ties with becker by exploring opportunities in green steel and other materials and contributing their technologies and resources.     

martino said becker was the largest processing and distribution enterprise in germany and a leading player in automobile industry. hbis is a major client of becker and a company becker had worked with well for a long time. the concept of green steel has been deep rooted in european minds and hearts, particularly the future implementation of carbon tariffs will offer green steel a huge european steel market. hbis is implementing the world’s first ever 1.2 million-ton hydrogen steel making project and in the first role of the industry. becker is willing to deepen its cooperation with hbis by contributing its management advantages, combining with hbis technologies, the partners could win more markets in europe.