hbis extra thickness plates building key parts of world’s largest floating loading & discharging platform of crude oil.-pg电子试玩入口


march 14,hbis wusteel delivered its extra thickness plates to its client to build the key parts of world heaviest and largest fast4ward floating loading & discharging platform of crude oil.  

the total length of fast4ward platform is 333 meters, a total water displacement of 460,000tons and a total oil storage capacity of 2million barrels. the demands to steel materials, including low temperature toughness is much higher than traditional materials and, in this case, the delivery period is 15 days shorter.  

focusing on demands of key projects, domestically and internationally, hbis is developing high end materials to meet market demands, improving its product and client structures. hbis wusteel is investing heavily in high thickness plates with new technologies.  to meet the demands of the materials and short delivery terms, the project teams integrated their technologies, production capabilities, equipment, quality control sectors to optimize the procedures, control parameters and resolved the difficulties of low temperature toughness and welding capabilities. they also the well met the short delivery terms of this client.