13 hbis projects won hebei provincial science & technology awards-pg电子试玩入口


april 6, hebei science & technology conference promoted the 2022 hebei provincial science & technology awards to projects and winners and 13 hbis projects won the awards. the hbis key technologies and applications of premium coating strips won progress award, first award. four hbis projects won progress awards, second awards, five projects won progress awards, third awards and three projects won invention awards, third awards.  

the project of key technologies and applications of premium coating strips resolves the difficulties of weakness of uv-curable coating, the difficulties in control of stability of the adhesion of coating materials, low thickness of zinc materials of hot rolled non-spangle zinc galvanized strips. the project could improve stability of production of coat strips and their applications in household applications, solar electricity generation and automobile manufacturing industry, ending the history of relying on foreign strips. this project awards hbis now all technologies in this coating products and could help the upgrades of coating materials in chinese steel industry. it could improve profit level and offers experiences to the steel industry in the province.  

in the new phase of technological upgrade, hbis has been firmly implementing the strategy of investment in three years and accomplishment in five years. the group links the merger of academies and production sectors, high end clients, first class enterprises and top research institutes and their joint efforts are contributing to successes. with ever increasing investments, the chief scientists and teams are making breakthrough in high end and specialized products, green & low carbon and intelligent manufacturing. the company is finding and training talents in the market and building its high-tech teams to give the enterprise a leading edge in the market.