hbis chairman met siemens advanta ceo sarrazin aymeric-pg电子试玩入口



june 6, hbis chairman yu yong met siemens advanta ceo sarrazin aymeric and discussed to strengthen both cooperation in energy optimization, additive manufacturing, digital technology and overseas development. vice president of hbis group li yiren, vice president of siemens technology china and gm of siemens advanta china zhu xiaoxun aslo attended.

yu yong said siemens was a well-known multi-national cooperation in the world and its concepts of client services and solutions owned great advantages. siemens is highly influential in chinese market and owns great images. hbis and siemens have been close strategic partners for years, had cooperation in digital technologies and additive manufacturing and hold significent achievement. economies have different aspects at different times and so does the cooperation between enterprises. along with the development of technologies, hbis and siemens are going far more than trading parties, the way of cooperation is also constantly updated and changed. the value of technological innovation is not only the owner of technologies, is also for the users and application visions. hbis has been watching closely at the high end supply chain and improving their technologies and products, while upgrading its enterprises, their industrial application visions. siemens has been promoting its new technologies, new products and solutions and could find opportunities in chinese market. the two enterprises share the same development concepts and room for more cooperation.

yu yong said energy cost weigh heavily in steel making of china, so  it could be highly valuable to deliver efficient energy technologies and solutions to steel industry, including reduction of energy consumption, reduction of carbon footprint and increase competitiveness. in the phase of high quality development time, manufacturing is turning to micro and to forward to diversified materials requirment. reduction manufacturing will be replaced by additive manufacturing in future.the great demands of energy optimization and market room for additive manufacturing are providing new opportunities to both hbis and siemens. in the future, hbis and siemens should further connect their common concerns, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in digital technology and international development, and focus on steel application scenarios to optimize energy, show greater actions in the field of additive manufacturing, and promote cooperation between the two sides to a new level.

mr. sarrazin said, during past years, hbis had been extending its industrial to downstream by optimizing its clients, which is giving more value to clients from only as a supplier of bulk materials. in addition, hbis is adding digital technologies to its applications to promote digitalization in steel industry. there are common enterprise culture elements during hbis and siemens.with new global technologies and concepts evolution in sustainable development, cooperation between siemens and hbis is also improving and progressing. in future, siemens technologies, products and solutions will take full advantages of hbis industrial applications and find new grounds in energy optimizations, additive manufacturing, digital technologies and overseas projects to create more value for both sides.

heads from hbis industrial tech and hbis international trade, key account manager for hbis from siemens and executives of solution partner from siemens advanta also attended the meeting.