hbis chairman met world steel association director general edwin basson-pg电子试玩入口


june 16, hbis chairman yu yong met world steel association(worldsteel) director general edwin basson in beijing and discussed to further reduce the carbon consumption in steel industry and the preparation of 2023 annual conference of the association. hbis vice president li yiren, worldsteel deputy director general & bejing officer chief representative zhong shaoliang also attended the meeting.  

yu yong congratulated mr.basson for winning his director general office once again and gave him a brief introduction of the green carbon development of hbis. though different, carbon reduction has already become an inevitable global consensus that has to be done fast. china itself is on a path of carbon peaking and carbon neutralization to reduce its carbon footprint. firmly, hbis is carrying out its low carbon and green action plan by upgrading to shot procedure steel production and hydrogen apply, one of major energy application steel procedures, the world’s first 1.2million-ton hydrogen steel making plant. with its actions, hbis is effectively reducing its carbon emission and becoming a pioneer in green and low carbon development in steel industry.hbis will continue to support world steel association and strengthen the communication programs.   

mr. edwin basson congratulated hbis for successfully launching of the first phase of its 1.2million-ton hydrogen steel making plant in the world, which would definitely make its remarks in history. as one of core issue of worldsteel, the association will have exchange programs to help its member companies to further reduce their carbon footprints and find better green and low carbon technologies. also, as a platform, the association will help chinese steel industry to better communicate with other steel enterprises in the world.    

executives from hbis international trade and worldsteel beijing office also attended the meeting.