highest in china, hbis high strength welding wires beating foreign products-pg电子试玩入口


hbis shisteel successfully delivered its designated high titanium alloy welding wires to its client and test results show that the strength of wires reaches 90kg class, beating foreign wires, the wires will be used to manufacture engineering machinery, giving great support to marketing efforts downstream.  

welding wires are very important modern industry, with high strength, high corrosion-resistant and high encapsulation capabilities, they are widely used in aerospace industry, automobile, engineering machinery, construction and pressurized container industry.

hbis shisteel is dedicated to producing world first class green and low carbon materials in manufacturing industry by developing new materials. they engage high end clients to understand their needs and develop products with great market potentials. the company organizes project teams, including production, r&d and sales talents to specify the needs to their products, including mechanical and chemical specifications to the high strength, high impact hardness under low temperature and high quality welding wires. the teams optimize procedures to meet the requirements in contract, including a major breakthrough in the performance of high impact hardness under low temperatures.