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september 5, hbis and chinese society of metals(csm)jointly held 2023 hydrogen metallurgy international seminar in chongli, the city of winter olympics. more than 500 scientists and technicians from 12 countries and regions, including china, australia, south korea and italy presented their studies and thoughts in the green and low carbon technologies of world steel industry.  in the seminar, world steel development research institute, china society for metals jointly published their blue book for development of hydrogen metallurgy. president of world steel development research institute and hbis chairman yu yong, director of chinese society for metals zhang xiaogang, world steel association director general edwin basson, academician of chinese academy of engineering and professor of university of science and technology beijing mao xinping made their speeches in the seminar. yu yong and professor mao xinping jointly launched the blue book of  development of hydrogen metallurgy.

academician of chinese academy of engineering and professor of central south university jiang tao, foreign academician of chinese academy of engineering,  academician of academy of engineering of australia and academy of science of australia yu aibing,  academician of chinese academy of sciences and professor of xi’an jiaotong university guo liejin, hbis vice president li yiren, chinese society for metals executive deputy director tian zhiling, ceri cpc chairman yue wenyan, tenova spa executive vice president argenta paolo,world steel association deputy director general chief representative of wsa beijing office zhong shaoliang, institute of process engineering , chinese academy of science cpc chairman and vice president zhu qingshan, china university of mining and technology vice president, director of academic committee zhao yuemin,  chinese society for metals expert committee director wang tianyi, honor consultant li wenxiu, university of science and technology beijing institute of metallurgy & biology cpc chairman and president zhang lianliang also attended the opening session.

mr. tian zhiling hosted the the opening session.

in his speech, yu yong said that hydrogen energy was the cleanest low carbon energy in 21 century and, by replacing carbon, hydrogen could end the complete reliance of steel industry on fossil energy. hydrogen metallurgy, represented by hydrogen direct reduction, offers a direct solution to remove carbon from steel production. in future, steel industry will have innovative characters, including low carbon, green and intelligent. as a revolutionary technology, hydrogen metallurgy will play a vital role in steel industry.  the focus of future competition in industries will be their abilities to divert their reliance on fossil energies. with the assistance of science communities, we will strengthen the applications of low carbon technologies and lead the steel industry to green, low carbon and high quality development to make our contributions in carbon peaking and neutralization efforts.  

zhang xiaogang said the hydrogen energy, as a representative of clean energy was getting attention of world. hydrogen metallurgy is an important field in green and low carbon development of steel industry, showing its huge potential. in production, hydrogen could replace traditional energy and significantly reduction carbon emission and improve the efficiency and sustainable. with endeavor of carbon neutralization efforts of the countries continue, the world steel industry is also making great progress in hydrogen metallurgy, seeing new materials and new procedures. academic communities are also publishing their achieves and giving strong support to the industry.  

mr. basson said world steel industry was a huge and very influential in world economy. an health and growing steel industry is key to modern societies. the urgent challenge of steel industry is about to remove carbon from steel industry and in long process steel production, hydrogen is the solution, both in direct reduction and bf technologies. the next key question is to deliver energy hydrogen to satisfy the great demands of steel industry and even other industries. the seminar of hbis and csm gives us a great opportunity to discuss the solutions.   

mao xinping said climate shift was a great attention of all communities and carbon neutralization was the solution. chinese steel industry is actively taking actions, including publishing visions of carbon neutralization and six directions of technologies. in steel industry, 70% of total carbon emission is from the preparation of materials. and a perfect solution is hydrogen direct reduction joining in to lower carbon emission. the future large scale industrial and commercial application of hydrogen needs the cooperation of all industries and academic communities. he hopes that discussions in the seminar could be helpful in the healthy and sustainable development of hydrogen metallurgy technologies.    

world steel development research institute and chinese society for metals write this blue book to outline the development of hydrogen technology in world steel industry and explore feasible technological solutions. the book also shares chinese experiences in hydrogen metallurgy and discusses the future of technology. on the global level, the book presents the latest development of the technology,particularly, the hbis world’s fist pilot coke oven gas zero reforming project. it also gives advises to the future of technologies that their value to green and low reform of world steel industry.   

in the conference, jiang tao presented reform and upgrade of chinese steel industry and carbon neutralization; yu aibing, presented modelling and analysis for hydrogen blast furnaces; li yiren presented hbis green & low carbon strategic studies and innovation. representatives from posco, world steel association, jfe,  university of science and technology beijing, ceri, university of queensland, tenvoa also made their presentations. before the opening session, the representatives watched the video of hydrogen aspires future.   

the seminar is dedicated to the communication all communities and development of hydrogen metallurgy. more than 100 papers from ten countries were presented, introducing the latest development of hydrogen metallurgy. the seminar will end on september 7 and before that, representatives from bmw, bhp, vale, ansteel, capital steel, northeast university, chongqing university, xi’an jiaotong university will share their reports with the conference.