Landscape lighting.

Shay P

Power went out in the bathroom, the office room across the hallway and to one receptacle in the living room. The circuit breakers did not pop, and the bathroom has a GFI. I tried some DIY by changing a couple of circuit breakers and swapping out the GFI, but neither of those fixed the problem, so it's time to call in the experts! Thanks.
Adam M

We just need another flood light added to our house in the back yard. We have one, but there is no wiring for another one. We would need the wiring and then a light attached to the house.

Brenda T

I would like to add a spot light outside my garage and another spot light on the side of my house. My house is a 1 1/2 story home with easy access to the attic space above the areas where I would like the spot lights placed. Please provide an estimate.

Carlos G

I need the electical pole and wires to extend above house. House is over 50 years old and still has original wiring. how much extmated would it be to upgrade box and add extension poles.

Denice T

Had no power in bathroom and on the 16th of Dec. someone came out. Now, one bulb clicks out after about 10 minutes and turns back on a few minutes later (changed bulb a few times but it is not the bulb). Former electrician claims this is not related to his service. Called another and he ended up being a no call/no show. I am looking for a RELIABLE and HONEST person who can come on an evening or weekend and fix the problem.

Jennifer O

We are experiencing flickering lights, in our overhead and lights in wall sockets. Need your electrical expertise to diagnose and repair the problem.

Jeff C

We just moved into our home in Brigham. It had a fan in the Master Bedroom that didn't have a light with it. We bought the attachment to add the light and my husband installed it. For some reason, the fan still works, but the light doesn't work. We were told that there may be another wire that needs to be pulled from the top. At this point we need an electrician to figure it out.

Janet M

Hi. I looking to determine an approx. price to have a few outlets added to the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. NB: Additional kitchen outlets will be for a D/W and W/D. It's a pre-war (i.e. 1920) with plaster walls. At present the fuse box has only 4 fuses and I may wish to move it now or in the near future.

Kyle C

I would like a quote please for the following electrical work: install security light, disconnect vent hood electrical, and replace light fixture w/ ceiling fan.

Sonia F